Random thought poem..

Tainted by the person that she was becoming,

the constant glares due to the transformation that was occuring..

how the girl that she use to be was now a woman.

That the braids that once were, had come loose of their ties and now became 

sleek and straight,

that the skin that was once bruised had now been polished smooth.

Curves that now formed although not as smooth as ocean waves but yet defined

like an intricate sculpture, had made their presence known.

She was no longer the soft spoken, feeble child from before who was made fun of,

but the woman whose strut made the first man tremble,

every womans heart quiver with a slight touch of envy,

that her smile as sweet as it seemed was just as devious and enchanting as that

of a thorn bush.

That the woman she had now become was effortlessly,


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Theres been so many O.o

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Gorgeous !

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Amazing photo &lt;3

Amazing photo <3

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So i haven’t been keeping up at all with my tumblr and its quite a shame, been so caught up with work lately its ridiculous ! Welp for the time being trying to get back into my poetry and something tells me i NEED to asap & of course try to get better with my photography, so yea thats the agenda at hand :)